Receiving Instructions


  • Unpack your plants immediately!
  • Carefully remove the packing paper, plastic and shredded paper from the soil surface.
  • Check each pot when it is unpacked, and if the soil is dry, give it some water.
  • If you have ordered a plant that requires high humidity move it to a plastic bag, terrarium, or humid greenhouse. Do not let strong sunlight shine into an enclosed container. Solar heat will heat up the container and damage your plant.


  • Place the plants in a bright area out of the wind and direct sunlight.
  • Remember a strong healthy root system is the most important part of your plant. It is normal for some leaves to turn yellow and drop or break during shipment. The healthy root system will promote new growth.


  • Wait at least two weeks if you would like to repot your new plants. The plants need to become adjusted to their new environment before adding extra stress. Only move them to one pot size larger than what they are growing in. For example, if they are in a 3” pot move them to a 4” pot, or transplant a 4”pot to a 5” or 6” pot.
  • Use a loose well drained potting mix for your new plants.


  • Do not repot your plant for a couple of weeks after arrival. You want the plant to get used to its new environment before adding any extra stress.
  • Do not fertilize your plant for 2 to 3 weeks after receiving it. The plant may be in shock after its journey and growth slowed. Added fertilizer could potentially damage.
  • Do not place your new plant in direct or very bright light. You will want to move you plant in to it’s final spot in the home over several days. Moving it closer each day.
  • Do not plant your new plant in a container without a drain hole. The excess water is a good way for rot to take over.